Monday, September 05, 2005

Pillar of the Community

Fellow Neutronbotter Soren "I'm too good to post" Roberts has tried to sneak a few things under the radar. Perhaps we should pretend he's a Japanese builder, blocked from communication by the great divide of language? Well at any rate, at least he has a good post-to-build ratio...

If you haven't yet noticed, it's all futuristic anime stuff. I've been trying to peer-pressure him into building castle, but that's only warranted a few abortive efforts so far.

Oh, Takeshi!

Our beloved Japanese castler, the resourceful Takeshi Itoh, has put together something new. Every time he posts something, I always get overly excited.

The Prison Castle sits precariously upon a pillar of rock, discouraging would-be escapees with its dizzying heights. This MOC is much in keeping with Itoh's signature style: It's restricted to a 48 x 48 footprint, takes advantage of vertical space, and of course has immaculate landscaping. The architecture is a bit "vanilla", for Itoh at least, but perhaps it's an exercise in form following function.

If you're not familiar with his work, by all means rummage through his site or his gallery and bask in his brilliance.