Wednesday, November 16, 2005

BimP my Ride?

Looks like Tom "Dr. Cranium" McDonald has been building again. My first impression was, "It's a hovership gussied up for a night on the town!" You know, because of the orange antenna bits.

The hip thing about it is, like all the cool RC racers, it can drive upside-down. The driver's seat flips over, too. It's super-toytastic, but I imagine I'd get a bit queasy driving the thing.

Construction-wise, I really like the wheels. The car is a tad too wide for my tastes. The addition of white to the colorscheme seems like a token gesture, like he wanted it to be all orange but didn't have the right parts. And I don't like the dragging antennae, unless they're designed to shower the car behind it in sparks. Which would be awesome.

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