Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gingerbread House... for Pandas

Here we have a modest bamboo cottage by Taiwanese Brickshelfer echao. The first bamboo building I've seen, and sure to be the definitive for quite some time. I wonder if a tan version of this would pass muster?

I like this MOC. It's chic, it's understated, but I would have put in a few more details. Something in the courtyard, perhaps, if I couldn't wheedle a bit of landscape. I like the tree, but the trunk needs to be its own color. And maybe a couple more figs; the Lenny analogue inside just isn't enough. But perhaps I'm too hard on him. Not everyone can have a wealth of parts, yes?

Furthermore, don't be shy about mucking around in the rest of his Shelf gallery. You never know when you'll stumble across some hidden gems.

On a site-related note, it looks like I'm falling behind in this posting thing. I would like to say Kevoh keeps beating me to the punch, but I fear I've been shirking my duties a bit. But do not fret, Gentle Readers, because you have my word that I will approach this blog with a renewed zeal. Or something.


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