Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Better Than Two Ninjas

More and more steampunk is coming out of the woodwork lately. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this is the best Christmas ever.

The builder, spotfrog on FBTB and CSF, is a theme-dabbler after my own heart. He started off with Bionicle and Star Wars MOCs, tried Castle and Space, and has just now (okay, last week) had a go at the sublimeness that is steampunk. Not to oversell it or anything.

The MOC is very good, especially for a first try at this tricky-to-do-right theme. The treads are well-played: each gear wheel being a different size maximizes the cute-factor. The greebs are competently done, and the pneumatic tubing is a nice touch. A couple of nitpicks: He forgot the steering wheels for pressure valves (almost essential), there's no discernable smokestack (not as crucial), the nose needs some work, and the cannon is a bit awkwardly positioned. I sure hope there's no recoil on that thing! It's supposed to be steampunk, not splatterpunk!


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