Thursday, December 22, 2005

We're No Render Bigots

Brickshelf user KillerMoth26 gives us an early Chanukkah gift in this hip Greek-flavored airship. I'm a pretty avid airship aficionado, and I love the original angle taken on this MOC. To quote Tim: oh, baby! This looks like KillerMoth26's first foray into steampunk-type stuff, I wonder what inspired him? Perhaps after watching Last Exile, he decided to do his own spin on a Greek airship?

There's a few things I don't like about this MOC. The machine gun portals on the side look too much like Moonbase corridor ends, the lift rotor mounts don't look quite robust enough, and the rear propellors look slightly tacked on. Also, the windshield is goofy. The helmsman could easily wear goggles. Otherwise, it's excellent. The bow's air intakes are a stroke of brilliance. The gamma on the side is well done. And the brick-built Greek flag is a nice touch. To tell the truth, I'm thinking of making my own version in real brick.


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