Sunday, December 18, 2005

You Haven't Fastened Your Safety Bat-Belt, Robin.

You can tell Kevoh's on winter break, because he's cranking out MOCs. Hot on the heels of his Hitodama, Kevoh builds yet another steampunk creation.

This latest effort somehow doesn't grab me. I mean, all the elements are there: spoked wheels, huge boiler, pipes and greebs; but as a whole it isn't my favorite. I hate to say it, but it's kinda "meh".

I think the problem is he set out to make a steampunk-ified version of a modern car, even though Tim did it first. He relied too much on black brick, making a frame that, were it wrought iron, would be too heavy for the steam engine (wherever it is) to reach any useful speed. I will also point out that the shape is boxy, and isn't that exactly what CSF tells its new members to avoid? Also, greeblies are the backbone of steampunk, and this MOC doesn't have nearly enough. Perhaps they're tied up somewhere else? Or is it that he just didn't want to spend the time?

In the end, it's just a clanky old Batmobile. Everyone has their missteps, and I'm sure Kevoh will get back on track.


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