Monday, January 09, 2006

Old News is the New New News

Well, what can I say? We here at GoldenShpleem have really let ourselves go. Is it that we Take Our Vacations Seriously? No, we're just lazy good-for-nothings whose mothers should be ashamed of them. Did I get that grammar right?

Moving along then! Our good friend Dan "Inquisitor General" Rubin has been busy. The Enola Gray is a shmoove specimen of spacecraftery that thumbs its nose at spaceship orthodoxy with its acute-angled nose construction, non-transparent cockpit, and copious use of yellow. The flat back leaves me somehow unsatisfied, though. Looks like me and Jon have a lot in common. The Gray sports a new greeblie type on the sides, but it seems like a bit of an afterthought. I do like the layered square tile look, but I think it should be more integral to the design of the thing. Oh, and check out the crew. Best minifigs ever.

Monseur Rubin also built a mecha, and posted it at the same time. Who does that, besides Soren? The very idea! Alright, regarding the MOC: it scares me a little. I think it's the face. Is it Patlabor-y? Turn-A Gundammy? Ultraman-ish? The stuff of nightmares, to be sure. I like the waist hoses, but like the cube greebs, i think he concept could have been taken further. The hip assembly is pretty hip, (did I just say that?) but the shoulder, while it matches, looks weird somehow. Also, it seems like it's missing its kneecaps. I do like the wings, specifically the vernier thruster things. All in all, it's a capable ape of Ugly Retro Japanese Robot style. I'm looking forward to the giant Magical Girl mecha Dan's been kicking around for nearly a year and hasn't told anyone about.


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