Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tropical Iceland!

Looks like ol' Keith tried to slip one under the radar on us. No MOCPage, no CSF post, no Lugnet post, and he didn't even post to his newbrickorder news page! Well, we certainly can't have that, now can we? Who does he think he is, Soren? Perhaps he's not entirely happy with this one? Perhaps he's an anti-communitarian? Perhaps his keyboard fell into a lake?

The new toy is a huge, lush, detailed diorama, as Monseur Goldman is oft wont to do, inflicting brick-envy upon the masses by using lots of part multiples. He seems to be relatively weak on the foliage, though. The big metal buildings, being ostensibly in a hot, humid area, could do with a bit of rust. I'm also at a loss as to his continuing fascination with the Green Goblin figs. The reason? Well, according to the builder himself, "they look like mean pig-fuckers who would peddle flesh, or eat it." I have no choice but to agree.

I have to say, initially I was not feeling the magic of some of his previous work. But after asking him a few questions, it turns out that this is only an in-progress preview of a larger display. Which is why this one came in with such little fanfare. I'm sure we'll be treated to one of his famous MOCpages when it's completed.

Now wait just a minute! Propriety dictates that I must call "bullshit" on myself. If this was anyone else's it'd have been much more auspiciously received (by myself as well as everyone else), being as it's a very impressive MOC in its own right. Poor Keith is one of the few elite builders cursed with being held to ridiculously high standards, albeit of his own making. At least Takeshi Itou doesn't have to listen to our ungrateful cries of, "I liked your first album better!"


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