Monday, May 15, 2006

I've Made a List of 375 Reasons Why I Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Want to See You Again

So continuing with Kevoh's architecture postage, here's a just-surfaced and gorgeously detailed train station by who I assume to be a European, one dagealka who has a fairly empty Brickshelf gallery. This is the sort of half-timbered Tudor look many castleheads only dream of. It uses the crossbeam technique pioneered by Didier Enjary, and loads of clever little techniques I've at least never seen before. If you look closely, you'll see that nearly the whole structure is schleim construction. It's slightly dizzying to behold. This sort of marvelous find in an anonymous Brickshelf gallery makes me realize more and more that I should really start following the train scene more closely.

Continuing with the architecture trawl, here's a sweet little nugget of old news by Keith Goldman. It's vintage of last March, but as Moonbase Mastermind Jon Palmer is considering adding some badly-needed design tips to Zemi, it's newly relevant. It's nice to see some coherent architectural style in a moonbase module, and this MOC has a sci-fi style so 70's that you wonder where all the hexagons went. This MOC has all the Goldman signature moves: repetition of parts and motifs to good effect, and also making the awful Star Wars cannons not look like ass. It's totally 'core.

Another mysterious Brickshelf surfacing, this enormous Hindenburg model is the work of (European) Carsten Wagner. It clocks in at nearly six feet, (175 cm for you non-Americans) uses about a half-dozen motors, and has enough light bricks to illuminate a train display. The swastikas were tastefully left out, but it seems like every other detail was included. Look through his amusingly-translated site for a detailed description (and animated .gifs!) of all functions. Check out the terribly lazy propellors and the dirty rainbow-warrior secret of its inner frame.

Wrapping up today's post is a little mech Fradel Gonzales posted in February. I just can't get over that half-plate gap for the eyes, which adds an incredible amount of character. Some of the black detail on the legs could stand to be color-blocked out of existence, but otherwise it's a very solid mecha MOC. I'd love to see this and some of his other mechs in an urban battle scene. Maybe he could run the idea past WamaLTC. Now if only we could dissuade Fradel of the crotch-mounted guns...


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