Monday, September 11, 2006

Catastrophe Keeps Us Together

So I'm back to blogging after an unplanned 4-month hiatus (which coincidentally started when I figured out you could download animes off the internets. Fancy that!)

Celebrated mecha builder and official correspondant of the Mecha Hub's Japanese bureau, izzo, has once again made surfing Brickshelf worthwhile. His latest is a high mark in his industrial series of izmojuki-like civilian mechas. The new toy is a charmingly overcomplicated street sweeper, part-Lovecraft part-Snuffleupagus. The uncluttered color scheme deftly highlights the MOC's rich detailwork. That said, I'm almost disappointed that the iconic black and yellow striped tile was left out. It might have made it seem too busy, but I probably wouldn't have been able to resist its siren call. Oh, printed tiles, you control me utterly.

A far more mysterious Japanese builder, styling him/herself "sigezo" on Brickshelf, has done up a spectacular sculpture of the popular anime character, Keroro Gunsou of the anime named... Keroro Gunsou. I have caught a few episodes of the show, and it is as bizarre as it looks. The premise of the show, in short, is this: Sgt. Keroro and the frog-people make an abortive attempt to conquer Earth (or as he calls it, Pekopon), and his space fleet leaves him behind. He eventually freeloads off a generic middle-class Japanese family and collects Gundam models. Needless to say, otaku eat it right up. Good job, sigezo! De arimasu!

This next builder is so mysterious, I'm not even certain s/he's Japanese. Brickshelf's "kwi-chang" has improved rather dramatically in mere months. Kwi started from modest beginnings like anyone else, but it didn't take long for him to get good enough to rival some of the best mecha builders around. Did Kwi sell his soul for building talent? Is Kwi a secret group of builders operating under one name, like that odious coven of manga-witches, CLAMP? Well, from the way this Kwi character documents sets he bought, I'm going to guess it's pure purchasing power. Having enough brick to never have to compromise goes a long way towards making good MOCs, and Kwi has probably been steeped in the mecha otaku culture since birth, so it was probably inevitable he'd become a major-league mecha player. And so we have his new "Magatsuhi, version 1.5". The whole mech, while not colorblocked in the Mladen style, has a consistent design and solid detail. I'm also impressed with the combination of red and new trans-orange (trans-dark-orange?) as accent colors; it's a rare choice and it works well in this context. The thing I don't like? The huge, inflamed, missile launcher mecha-junk. Freudian and bad for balance? Wouldn't make it into production. Fuhgettaboutit.

P.S. Moko is colorblind. Fate can be so cruel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "colorblind" robot is Mightgaine, a super-robot from a children's show in the nineties. It was also a popular toyline:

Just to be a geek.

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