Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sitting on the Beach with Rusted Machines

I think it's too late for me now: I've turned into a full-on train geek. This adorable-as-shit little locomotive was CADded up by one Andreas Weissenburg, and I've kinda sorta become obsessed with it. Just look at the half-stud offset on that roof! However I am kind of disappointed that the windshield doesn't appear to be attached. Is this sort of behavior approved in train circles? Or is this a symptom of CAD: thinking you can get away with sketchy building? Nevertheless, I'll probably build my own version soon enough.

In continuation of tonight's theme, I've got an ostentatious dark green traincar for all you word-greedy readers. Mysterious European dagealka, whose train station I've previously blogged, has resurfaced after a few months with this latest offering. In what is rapidly becoming a signature style for this dagealka fellow, the traincar uses gratuitously byzantine schleim building techniques (surely as much to work around dark green's small part selection as to achieve the look). The schleim is so complex that I'm surprised he was still able to fit passengers. I wonder how long it would last on a train layout before shattering to bits.

"Sekiyama", Japan's freak-train impresario, has recently been playing with a rack-and-rail system for sloped train tracks. I haven't blogged any of Sekiyama's MOCs yet, and I've been meaning to: his ornate, shambling style strikes a chord with me, though I can't tell if it's baroque-y steampunk or a more organic, Wings of Honneamise-y style. His bizarre ornamentation and almost gleeful dearth of color-blocking is refreshing after being immersed in the ordered, precise western Lego community.

Sekiyama's rack-and-rail system uses the new technic motor in the engine and strategically placed technic gear racks on the train track. As he mentions on his blog, (robot translation here) there are a couple innate limitations with using just the motor with a 9v battery box. The most obvious is that it's either off or full-power, not exactly the best for navigating curves at odd angles in what looks to be a top-heavy train engine. The other flaw being that, as far as I can tell from Altavista's thoroughly pedestrian translation, the 9v battery isn't powerful enough and the six-AAA battery box is too heavy. What I don't understand is why Sekiyama didn't just use a proper train motor. It clears the technic racks just fine, and has the electric studs to hook a motor up. Bonus serendipity: the motors would both move at the same speed. He could even put it in a crocodile engine. Sekiyama seems to have thought of using the train motor, but from this phrase:

"Being if ultimately, the demon you can remodel the electricity possible wheel and 9V from the rail could supply, it does, but."

I can't tell if he was too impatient to test the model, or just too lazy to implement the train motor. However I should cut Sekiyama a little slack, as he's breaking new ground. As far as I can find out only two attempts have been made previously, one using a disgustingly non-lego solution. And Sekiyama's the first to attempt a rack-rail system with a curved track. I hope he works out all the kinks; this would be a great boon to train layouts.


Blogger Brenden said...

That first one is a pretty good CAD job.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learn your rod and clip snot, Jonesy. The windscreen is held on with two 1x1 plates with clip horizontal attached to a 1x2 plate with bar

4:47 PM  
Blogger jonesy said...

Kthx, although I see no evidence of this in the single image Mr. Weissenburg deigned to share. Also: it's just like you pussy-ass train fags to remain anonymous and not at least link your fucking brickshelf gallery.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The evidence is there... the front plates are split in two because the top one is a clip. And it's Tim G so don't go bitchin on me. Fuck the name bullshit. That's two more fields.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Professor Whateverly said...

Well, I don't see how a clip fits in the current image. There appear to be jumper plates above the windscreen, and there is no visible connection behind the glass. It's a great technique; there just appears to be no visible evidence in the image.

10:21 AM  
Blogger jonesy said...

Tim I'm sorry I called you a pussy-ass train fag. However I totally hyperlink every other word in my blog posts, so the least you could do is nominally identify yourself because I kinda sorta go into attack mode when I see an anonymous comment. "Damn kids on my lawn," and similar sentiment.

So l3tz h4v3 sum roffles lol, <3 ^_^ <3

11:53 PM  
Blogger Professor Whateverly said...

Perhaps we can modify the page so that the third button reads "pussy-ass train fag" instead of "anonymous"

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Tim G said...

That's right space-bitches. I'm definitely identified.

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck.... you bitches going to actually post something or just sit around? you bew yer wad all at once.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

I'm sorry, did you just imply that shit is adorable?

Mine isn't, I can tell you.

8:21 PM  

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